Wednesday, December 27, 2006

All I Want for Christimas is...

So you will never ever ever guess what I got for Christmas!! It is something that I have wanted for as long as I can remember, but I never have gotten one (and no it's not a boyfriend...though that would have been a nice present Laura!!) I will give you a few's pink, you can buy it at Toys R Us, you have to plug it in for it to work, you can make really really cool stuff with it (although you don't have to have it to make cool stuff), it's totally a little kids item (hence the available at Toys R Us part!) and it's the most superest gift a girl could ever ask for!!! Do you know what it is yet??? I got an Easy Bake Oven!!!

I know, I know it sounds lame! But if you know know it is the one thing I have always wanted! I would ask for it every Christmas and ever birthday and my parents would never buy it for me. My mom always said I could use the oven in the kitchen whenever I wanted, but it's just not the same. So Laura...THANK YOU!!! Thank you for getting me something that I will truly enjoy and seriously cherish for a really long time!!

So for all of you who still think it's lame...too bad!! I just won't come over to your house when you are sick and bake for you! (Unfortunately I don't think I can make my amazingly famous peanut butter chocolate chip cookies in the Easy Bake Oven...but heck I can make you a mini cake and that's pretty cool!!)

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

I am officially done...well in about 2 hours!

Wow...I honestly can't believe my 2 weeks of being a nanny are almost over. I am actually kind of sad, but I am excited about getting to sleep in my own bed tonight and having my whole closet full of clothes to choose from!

The last week has been wonderful! Over the weekend, the little one was over at her friends the entire time. So it was like I only had one, instead of two. The older one had some friends over on Saturday night and it was hilarious just listening to them while they hung out! I had seriously forgotten how fun it was to hang out in high school...talking about boys, drama, friends, etc...they were cracking up the entire night. And they attempted to make sugar cookies...the first batch they made wrong (i so wanted to correct them, but I held my tongue) so when they went to roll it out and cut out the didn't work because the dough was too sticky (or something like that). Almost all of the cookies burned and when they came out of the oven it was really hard to tell what shape they were suppossed to be...we sort of made a game out of it! On Sunday, Grandma and Grandpa came over with a Christmas tree...I stayed out of the way! I thought the girls were suppossed to decorate it on Sunday while I was gone, but when I got home it was still naked! I found out why on Monday morning...the girls couldn't figure out how to put the lights on. So guess what I did Monday...I put lights on a Christmas tree for the 1st time ever! Of course half of the 2nd strand went out as I was putting it on the tree, but I figured it out and I have to say it looks pretty good.

On Monday night I had to work and I was soooo looking forward to coming straight home and going to bed, but the oldest one had an essay due the next morning and she wasn't even close to being done when I got home. She stayed up until almost 2 in the morning...and I stayed up with her because I had to edit it! Needless to say, Tuesday morning I dragged myself out of bed! The older one ended up staying home from 1st period to finish (with Grandma's approval) and I came home and crashed for a couple of hours.

Last night I just had to take the little one to volleyball practice and then the girls and I did some cleaning around the house. Right now they are both at school and the parents are on their way home from their cruise and should be home anytime. Hmmm...I am going to miss seeing these girls everyday! I think I am ready to have kids!!! Well...maybe not is probably easier with someone elses because I get to go home at the end of two weeks!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Ahhh the Joys of Nannyhood

"I think I am going to throw-up." Those are the words I heard as the little one got into my car yesterday when I picked her up from school. My first thoughts were...please, please, please don't throw up in my car...but what came out of my mouth was..."ok, let's get you home so you can lay down." I mean the girl looked sick! Her face was flushed and she probably had a fever (which dumb me...I didn't check)...but awww throw up! I knew if she actually threw up I would follow in about 2 seconds! Thank goodness we made it home without any puking. I felt bad because I had to go to work right after I dropped her off (and to be honest I was sort of feeling sick to my stomach too...I promise it started before she told me she was sick), but last night when I got home she was sound asleep and she said she felt better this morning. So puking kids!!!

What else...oh...the little one really really wants a specific kind of ginerbread man cookie from the store...according to the grandma. So today I went to the store on a mission...and guess cookies! So I did my best and bought another brand...I am praying they taste similar! And did you know there were so many kinds of toothpaste?? I never knew! I always just grab one...but I guess little kids aren't suppossed to use "whitening" toothpaste (something about it stripping the enamel of their teeth) and I didn't know if they liked fresh mint, baking soda, scope flavored...ahhh the choices! Whatever happened to plain old Crest toothpaste!!

Alright got to go and start making dinner!

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Third Times a Charm's been a few days and things have been unusally calm and uneventful for living in a house with two girls and no parents! What can I say the girls are awesome! There was a little mishap on Sunday...when I "suppossedly" left the little one at home for 5 hours by herself at night...but I beg to differ that there was severe miscommunication!!! She was at home by herself (not okay and not planned) but I had no idea! When I left to go to church she was at her friends house (where she had been all day) and I thought the grandma was going to watch her if she came one told me plans changed...oh well...I think everything is undercontrol now! Well...sort of! If only I could write everything that has been going on with the grandma...but if you want to know you are going to have to ask me!! Anyway...I think the rest of the week should be pretty kick back...I am praying!

Oh and I have to brag just a little bit...about what an awesome nanny I am! At this very moment I am baking brownies for the girls!! And last night the oldest one got home super late from play rehersal and still had a ton of homework to do...and I offered to go to Starbucks for her! Who knew that Starbucks closed at 10:30 pm on a weeknight (during finals!!!)...hello! So back home I came and I made hot chocolate from scratch (well I didn't milk the cow or anything, but you know what I mean). So yeah...I think I am pretty good at being "mom"!

Alright...I think that's it! Pray for me...I haven't been sleeping...who knows why?? But it is hard to stay happy and peppy when you haven't slept in 2 days!

Thursday, December 7, 2006

Nannying...Part Deux

So I am on my 2nd full day of being a full-time mom (for those of you just joining I didn't just have a kid...thank goodness!). Anyway...back to the story. So I always thought stay at home moms were crazy when they would say that they never have time to get everything done! I mean hello what do you really do all day. Well...I get it now!

Woke up at 6:15 (15 miniutes too late to take a shower!) and made sure the girls were getting ready. My idea of getting ready this morning was getting out of my pj's and slipping into warm-up pants and a sweatshirt-I get why all the moms wear work-out clothes all isn't because they went to the's because getting dressed just doesn't happen before the sun comes up. 6:50 leave the house-I am wondering how many days it is going to take before we leave late. Drop off the little one at the carpool and pick up a high school boy- who according to the older one..."might not ride with us to school because he sometimes doesn't fit into smaller cars"...I almost lost it! Come to find out he plays basketball and is well over 6 ft...but I mean seriously! Anyway...he fit (it was a short ride to school thank goodness for him!) and I successfully made it through the crazyness of the school parking lot without hitting any kids or being hit by inexperienced teenage drivers trying to park their brand-new beamers (it's a private school!). By 7:15 I am back at the house...what do you do at that time of the morning?? Well I decided to try and be productive so I made myself breakfast and planned out the rest of the day...then I went back to bed and swore I was only going to do so for 1 hour. I woke up at 11! I had lunch plans and then went straight from there to pick up the high schooler. Dropped her off at the house and then ran over to my house to pick up my laundry. Came home and started dinner! Suprisingly everything tasted wonderful-the girls ate 3 helpings each of if it wasn't good then they are really good liars...and I mean seriously who can mess up pasta (well maybe that's a dumb question...I did have a little mishap at the Delta!). At 6 the oldest one had play/choir practice and at 7 the little one had a hair appointment. I got her there on time and everything...and then the hair stylist just didn't show up. So there we sat for 45 minutes...I mean I could have been doing laundry or washing dishes or something productive. So we made our way home and I started my 5 loads of laundry and the girls just sort of are hanging out around the house. It's going to be a late night because the oldest one doesn't have school tomorrow.
So needless to say...I didn't get anything done today...except a load of where does the time go?

Alright...that's it for today! Here's to another day of nannying!

Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Being a Nanny - Part 1

Alright so I decided to do this blog thing because I thought it would be fun and I figured now would be a good time to start because I am sure the next two weeks of being a full-time nanny are going to present some interesting moments...and I thought I would share them with you!
The girls- one is a junior in high school (she technically doesn't need a nanny...she is super cool and is very independent!) and the younger one is in 7th grade. They are both amazing girls and I love them!! (The older one is one of my high school students from the youth group I used to work with!)

Pre-nannying- (is nannying even a word??) I met with the mom and felt completely overwhelmed! I basically decided not to have kids at this point! (But I have sense decided that I still want them). The girls are both super active at choir concerts, school musical, rehersals, school volleyball, club volleyball and slumber parties don't even begin to go into their schedules for the next two weeks. I was positive I was going to forget one of them somewhere by the first day!

Day 1- Came over to the house after work. Made sure oldest girl got off to choir rehersal on time and waited for the little one (what I tend to call her!!) to get home from volleyball practice. Dragged little one to dinner with me...which actually worked better than I thought (it's amazing what bribing a child with eating out will do!)...and did some Christmas shopping. Came home and hung out with the girls for a little while and then it was off to bed!

Day 2- Woke up at 6 am (a little too early for me!!) and took a shower. Get out of shower and hear knock on bedroom door. Little one is standing outside telling me that the other bathroom is completely flooded! (Side note...the entire house flooded this past weekend, but they got it fixed and everything had been fine until this morning!). Proceed to mop up floors with every available towel and rag in the house. Start dryer with sopping towels and call the grandparents (thank goodness they live down the street) so they can come over and call a plumber...because I still have to drop the little one off at the carpool and get to work on time. I got to work on time. Worked at the Cathedral, went to the gym, went to work at Gloria Jean's and then home around 10 pm. The little one was in bed when I got here and the oldest one just went to bed about 20 minutes ago. I am pooped...and I didn't even have them all day! Remind me that I need to write my mom a note and thank her for taking care of me every single day as a child! Off to bed...I am sure there will be more fun adventures very shortly!