Monday, August 31, 2009

Running Shoes...Oh how I've missed thee!!

So yesterday I did it! I braved the 90+ degree heat at 9 am and went for a run, or (if I'm being honest) a jog/walk. It has been so long since I have gone jogging that I forgot how much I love it (even when it is beyon hot outside)!

Only feet weren't so happy. I wore my old running shoes (which I absolutely love) which was a huge mistake. See I took the running shoes to Thailand and wore them in the village quite a bit so they got just a tad bit muddy. When I brought them home I washed them in the washing machine and well the heel part of the shoe is really worn through. I also wore really short socks, which when added to the shoe problem equals some pretty ugle blisters on the back of my feet. Oh's worth it!

Today I signed up for the Surf City Half Marathon. This will be my 3rd one in a row!! So excited!

Well I think that's it! I do have some exciting news to share soon...but it isn't 100% so I don't want to post it on my blog I'll let you know!