Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Thailand =(

So I have been writing a lot this week, but I am not going to apologize because you all are the ones who choose to read these things. Anyway, today one of my friends is flying to Thailand for 4 months and several more of my friends are leaving for Thailand next week for 3 weeks....and it is making me sad. I miss Thailand!!

I miss the people, I miss the huge bugs, I miss rain everyday! I miss tuk tuk rides, driving for hours on curvy mountain roads, and stopping to sleep at random peoples houses at all hours of the night. I miss mixing cement at 6 AM, trying to shovel just as much rock as the boys, and trying to lift 100 lb bags of cement. I miss smoky tasting water, pria bars, and I even miss rice!! I miss freezing cold showers, wearing big boots, and playing soccer in a muddy rice patty. I miss my muddy jungle roads, reconstructing bridges, and nearly slipping off dirt roads. I miss haggling with vendors, drinking the most amazing smoothies on a hot and muggy day and I miss sitting in Starbucks sipping a banna mocha frappacino while trying to not cry because I miss home. I miss my apartment on the 7th floor, Thai tea from the lady across the street, and trying to find a phone that will use the stupid phone card I bought. I miss Thai massages that cost $5, no personal space, and never having to be anywhere at a certain time. I miss falling asleep under a mosquito net on the floor of a hut to the sounds of children playing and animals making awful noises. I miss the children in the village surrounding me at all moments of the day, drinking gatorade, and even watching Brad kill a chicken with one of it's own feathers. I miss never having a plan, playing with kids in a rain storm, and having my heart break at not being able to help sick and hurting people. I miss waking up next to Shann every morning, I miss Brad teasing me about who I should and shouldn't date, and I even miss crazy Jeremiah! I miss me...I left a huge chunck of my heart there and I don't know if I can ever get it back! I miss church services translated into 3 different languages, I miss feeling uncomfortable and out of place, I miss Becky's homemade tacos and eclairs. I miss road trips to Burma, boat rides to Laos, and long layovers in the Singapore Airport. I miss long emails from home, the joy of talking to a best friend after weeks and weeks, and the closeness to my family when I slip up and call at 3 AM because I forgot how to figure out the time difference. I miss waking up each morning knowing that I am going to do something to further the kingdom. I miss newspapers plastered with pictures of crime scenes that would never make it into American papers, I miss wearing yellow on Mondays to honor the king, and I miss free samples of beer at the grocery store. I miss it, I miss it, I miss it!!

I ache to go home! Isn't it weird that it only feels like home now that I am here and now that everything in my life is leading me away from there. I am learning to let go and at the same time realize that my time and experiences in Thailand have shaped me and changed me into a person that is so different than who I used to be. I think she is pretty amazing! I just have to trust that by letting go, God will eventually lead me back if need be! I pray for that almost everyday!

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

These Sorts of Things Just Don't Happen to Me!

So this story sort of creeps me out but also makes me laugh because it is just so something that would happen to me!!

On Saturday morning I had gotten up at the crack of dawn to get ready to drive up to Temple City for Surf-n-Study. (And I am totally serious about how early it was, because I promise the sun was not even close to being out when my alarm went off at 4:50 in the AM...that is how much I love you FBTC kids!!!) So I get all ready for the day and walk out of my house around 6 AM in my pj pants and a sweatshirt...looking totally hot I am sure!! Not!! I head over to Starbucks, because at 6 in the AM everyone needs some coffee (trust me, I am not a morning person without my coffee). I park near Starbucks and then walk over to Vons to get a couple things for the beach and a car drives up. A man with a funny accent (I think he was from the East Coast) leans out the window and says something. I think he is maybe asking for directions or something, but I didn't understand a single word he said. So I said, "excuse me?" and he repeated the garbled mumbojumbo (is that a word??) and once again I said..."Excuse me?" At this point in time I start to realize that since it is 6 in the morning I am the only person in this parking lot and there is no way I am stepping anywhere near this car (talk about paranoid!!). So once again he repeats himself...and here is what he asked me..."Do you like to party?" My response..."no" His response "too bad." My response "for you!" and I walked away.

Now I am cracking up because the more I think about it the funnier it gets. I mean hello, how desperate does this guy have to be to pick up on a girl in her plaid pjs and a sweatshirt at 6 in the morning! Second, what kind of party is still going on at 6 in the morning...don't the cops shut down all the good parties at like 3 or so?? Third...what kind of girl would be stupid enough to get in a car with some random guy at 6 in the morning to go party?? It's the stuff that shows like Without a Trace and America's Most Wanted thrive off of!! And Lastly, I told my mom and she was like...ohhh I bet it was some code word for drugs or something...which makes me laugh, because it may well have been but I am just too stupid (or more likely oblivious) to know! All I know is that Sesame Street and Mr. Rogers always told me to stay away from strangers....and this was one stranger I want to stay very far away from!!!