Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So Today Was a Weird Day!

So this morning I woke up and moved my car (I get home last every night and park behind my mom, but she leaves first...ultra annoying when you just want to sleep...but I can live with it!!) and I set my alarm and went back to bed for an hour (that is not the weird part...I do this everyday!!). So a little while later my phone starts ringing (well not ringing it was on silent...but you know what I mean) so I pick it up, look at it and it says my friend Dan is calling but hello I am still half asleep so I don't want to answer it (come on you know how awkward it is when you answer the phone and you have your morning voice and then the person on the other end feels bad because they woke you up and they ask if they woke you up and you lie and I was awake...ok maybe I only do that...but trust me if I was really asleep I wouldn't hear the phone ring and I wouldn't pick it up so I am not really lying when I say I wasn't asleep...anyway...that was a really long tangent!!) so I don't answer it and I close my phone. As I close my phone, my alarm goes off. As I reach for the snooze button (can you tell I am just a tad bit lazy lately?) I realize that my phone is not in my hand but sitting next to my alarm clock, where I leave it every night (thanks Wendy!!! Because of you I have to keep my phone on and by my bed every night..."because you just never know when someone is going to need you in the middle of the night!!") yeah it is sitting there and I think...hmm that's weird I just had it in my hand...hmmm. So then as I am hitting the snooze button my phone rings again and this time it is Laura (why the heck she was calling me at 9:00 in the AM is totally beyond me but that's beside the point!) so I clear my throat (to get rid of the morning voice as best as possible) and say "Hey!!! What's up!" (super energetic!!) and there is silence and then nothing. I call her back and she doesn't answer. At this point I check my phone and it says that I have a missed call from Laura, but not from I am starting to think that maybe the phone call from Dan never really happened! (Honestly I think I am going crazy!! A few weeks ago I read a text message in my sleep and didn't even know it!!). So yeah...I finally get a hold of Laura and we confirm that she called me that morning...but now my phone says that there was no call from Dan, no call from Laura and that I never made a call to Laura this morning!! Ahhhh!!!

So...I show up to work a little bewildered (you know how little things can just throw you off) and feeling nauseous (not from all of this...I have just felt sick all day) and when I get there there is a wonderfully huge pile of crap that has been delivered to our store (half of it showed up yesterday when I was working but we couldn't do anything with it) taking up a lot of room. I start working on putting all the coffee away when we get a call from mall management that we need to send someone down to our storage unit ASAP because a pipe has burst and there is a flood is our storage space. (I wouldn't have believed that it could just flood our space...but yep when I got down there...only our stuff was wet!!). So the owner (who had just happened to show up) and I spent 2 hours down in the dank, dark dungeoun of storage under the mall moving about 200 boxes of supplies from one storage space to another. Not my idea of fun!!

So yeah...all that to say that it was a random day! What will tomorrow hold?? is always an adventure!