Monday, February 4, 2008

A 1/2 Marathon

February 3, 2008

Sometime after midnight- It starts to rain
3 AM- I wake up, too excited to sleep
5 AM- My alarm finally goes off
6 AM- I leave my is still raining!
6:45 AM- Get out of my car (it is pouring down rain) to stand in line to get on a bus that goes to the starting line.
7:00 AM- I am soaked! Monica, CK, Melanie and ANNA arrive, and we continue to wait for the bus in the rain.
7:40 AM- We finally get on a bus. I am wet and cold, but super excited.
7:55 AM- We arrive at the race; pray & line up for our start.
8:02 AM- We cross the starting line! (It is still raining!)
Mile 1- CK and I try to break through all the people who are walking the course.
Mile 2- I try to set my pace.
Mile 3- See one of my high school teachers and a friend.
Mile 3.5- Hill! (It really wasn't that bad, I just thought the course was flat)
Mile 4- Downhill (nice) And it's still raining and really windy.
Mile 5- The rain lets up a little.
Mile 6- The rain and wind pick up; I slow down.
Mile 7 & 8- Were really good!
Mile 9- I can feel the blister forming on my right foot from my wet socks.
Mile 10- Uggg!! I can see the pier (which is about where the finish line is) and I think through walking or jogging the rest of the course. I decide to finish the last 3.1 miles jogging...because I want to say I "ran" the whole thing. (Why I am so competitive??).
Mile 11- 2.1 miles to go. And oh was still raining.
Mile 12- I almost started walking...until some old man (who was walking and had started before me) talked to me and he told me it really wasn't that far to the finish line...and I had to run.
Mile 13- The adrenaline kicks in and I picked up the pace.
Mile 13.1- I FINISHED!!! In 2:50:36...not too bad for my 1st time. I was soaking wet and cold, but still moving (well sort of)