Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I HATE....

I decided today that I hate shopping carts!! I mean they are a wonderful invention because I know I usually buy more than I can carry when I go to the store...but seriously!! Today I was at Walmart (which may be a strong indicator in the crappiness of the cart!) and I had walked about 10 feet when the cart just stopped and I ran into it...HARD!! Let me just say that it hurt so bad I almost said some things that just never come out of my mouth! I tried to figure out what was wrong with the cart, but when I pushed it again (very carefully) it magically worked again. I started walking again...and bam! Yep, I hit the same exact part of my shin that I had just hit...this time I almost cried. Out of nowhere I hear...maybe you should just get another cart! Great...someone saw me do this...that makes it 10x's worse! And on top of it, it was an employee. So yeah I got a new cart and pushed it very far in front of me during the rest of my shopping trip! Oh and if you are wondering about my shin...yep, I already have a bruise and there is definitely a bump...hmmm maybe I could sue??

So will I ever use a shopping cart again...probably just for the sheer fact that it is really hard to carry all that stuff around, but I don't know as of right now I really really hate them (almost as much as stupid strollers at Disneyland!!).