Sunday, November 29, 2009

Go ahead...throw a wrench at me!

On Thanksgiving weekend you would think that I would be well aware of how many things I have to be thankful for...but I think it was tonight on my super long drive to church (literally an hour...I love my church!!) that I had one of those moments where I was in awe of how blessed I am. I was driving west, into the sunset, on a cloudless and pleasantly cool evening with a Venti Non-fat Peppermint Half-caf latte (with whip cream instead of foam) while listening to Coblie Caillat (that I got for $6.50 @ an after Thanksgiving sale at Target)...and it hit me...well actually IT hit my car...but it hit me...a wrench (an actual wrench) hit my car (and actually it was my mom's know the almost like new Honda Civic)! I saw the car in front of me run over the wrench and the wrench banged around underneath it a bit before it flew out the back end and started bouncing on the freeway towards me. A million thoughts ran through my head...can I get over? NO...I am surrounded by cars; if I slow down will that make a difference? I don't know? What if it hits my windshield? Will my windshield shatter? Will I be knocked out...oh man this could get real bad real fast!!! But...thankfully it just hit the front of my mom's car and flew into the lane next to me where it had time to settle on the road before the car in the lane next to me got to it. My next thought...why is there a wrench flying around on the freeway? Next thought...oh man...I hope the front of my mom's car isn't damaged...the one time I take her car! (Actually last Thanksgiving weekend I took her car to go meet a friend and while it was parked in a parking spot some other car that was trying to park totally hit her car...I think I shouldn't drive her car anymore!)

Anyway all that to say that I am so blessed! I am so blessed to have a car to drive (and a mom that let's me drive her car too). I am blessed to live in Southern California where I get to see amazing sunsets everyday and have amazing weather. I am soooo blessed to have a job so I can afford my Venti frou-frou latte from Starbucks (who a great company who works with coffee growers all over the world and gives them a fair price for their coffee...ex: the coffee growers I work with in Thailand) and a new CD that costs more than what a person lives off of for a week in a developing country. AND I am so blessed that I am alive and breathing and didn't have a wrench go through my windshield tonight! There are a million other things that I am thankful for many of which I probably don't think about most days...but I am going to try to be more appreciative for the little and everyday things! And I am also going to continue to be thankful even when there are wrenches hurdling my way at 50 mph (literally and metaphorically!)

Oh...and if you were wondering...there appears to be no damage to my mom's car (from my brief inspection in the dark!)...I am sooo thankful!!!

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Bri said...

This makes me smile... :)