Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I freaked out today!

Today was a great day...I got to hang out with an amazing student who has decided that she wants to spend her life doing missions (I mean come could that not be an amazing conversation!); I got to hang out at my most favorite coffee shop in Glendora and have an iced vanilla chai while reading through my journal and reflecting on my life over the past 2 years; I was able to hang out with two amazing friends; and I ate Thai food (ok, not necessarily my personal choice but they love Thai food and I love Thailand so it seemed like a good option at the time)...

And then it happened... I pulled into my driveway after my long and wonderful day and I went to grab my book, my Bible and my journal, but my journal wasn't there! I frantically searched under the seats and in the back of the car and it was no where to be found. At this point I flipped out! Seriously not only are there some really profound observations and my life story in that journal...but also some pieces of information that I DO NOT want other people to know about... that is why it's my journal and not my blog!

So I storm into the house (quite literally...ask my mom) and throw down my purse and ask my mom if we have a flashlight. She responds with..."yeah, why?" I respond with..."I CAN'T FIND MY JOURNAL!!!!" My mom, "oh..." I go back out to the car and look this time all I can think about is that the last time I know I had my journal was at the coffee shop. Maybe I left it on the table or maybe I dropped it on the sidewalk as I walked to my car... ohhh my gosh!!! What if someone reads it! It's not like there is anything in there that would be completely awful if someone read it I guess, but it is just so personal.

I storm back into the house, with tears in my eyes at this point. I start to take deep breaths. My mom tells me she will go out and look for it because "sometimes another set of eyes is all it takes" (I love my mom!! She is so calm! I mean seriously she knows how upset I am and she just keeps me calm) She tells me if she doesn't find it she will drive up there right now with me to go look for it. Too bad the coffee shop is already closed and well...what would you do if you found a journal laying on the sidewalk? Leave it there? Hmmm that is a question to think about for sure!

Anyway, I sort of yell at my mom (not sort of...I do...sorry mom!!) and she goes out with flashlight in hand. I stand in the kitchen and try to collect my thoughts and say a prayer. I hear the doors of the car close. My mom walks into the house. She casually walks into the kitchen and says..."Here you was wedged in between the seat...only a little part of it was showing." Deep breath!

So that is my short story on life today... it was good, I lost my journal, I freaked out, my mom found my journal, and life is still good!

But you wish you knew what was in my journal huh???


Bri said...

That's really funny. I freak out like that all of the time!

Erin said...

LOL! Yeah... I usually don't freak out when I lose stuff... I figure I will find it eventually...but my journal?? That's another story!!

KatieG said...

HAHA I love you Erin! And yeah, definitely curious as to what's in the "Diary" you have one of those diaries with a lock? You know, junior high style? ;)